BBC 2½ Logo (by Dave)
BBC 2½
Directed by Alexander Popichak
Produced by Easysites Multimedia Productions

Alexander Popichak (Dailymotion and YouTube)

Written by Clay Bodnar

Alexander Popichak

Narrated by
Starring Alexander Popichak

Clay Bodnar

Mikaela Kapeluk

Editing Alexander Popichak
Release date(s) (Season One) July 29, 2010
Running time Approx. 8-10 minutes
Country United States and Canada
MPAA Rating
Preceded by That Dave n' Clay Show
Followed by

BBC 2½ is a spoof news web series created by Clay Bodnar for Easysites Multimedia Productions.


BBC 2½ was originally created as a spoof news bit for The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar, but turned into a secular series. The Pilot episode followed the reporter in the field Clay Bodnar, as he discovered Giantland (in the Dutch East Indies) and the Ninja secret training facility known as Ninjaland (Specified as the United States of America indirectly). However, in the second story, Clay met fate with Mrs. Nin-Ja. It was later revealed that Clay didn't die at all.


BBC 2½'s debut was met with controversy as Easysites Multimedia's other series announced over the summer, The JSVH Video Project 2010, hadn't even begun filming yet. Also, it was chastised for filming in a park, rather than an actual set. This was met with another response, as the main characters were quote "Hopping the fence" in their "Ninjaland Bit".