That Dave 'n Clay Show has an application available for the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.
DnC Wiki App


Currently, the application's only capability is acting as a bookmark for the wiki's homepage.


This app is able to be put on any generation iPod, iPhone or iPad. Dave was the first person to have this app on his first generation iPod Touch. After showing off his app to Alex and Clay, Alex was disappointed by the app's incapability. Alex wanted the application to do better things, but he gave no examples of things he wanted it to do.

Future AppEdit

In the far future, Dave may possibly create an app with more capability, that has a personalized look for the wiki, but this is only a possibility, and most likely will not happen for a good while, if at all.
Wiki App (Alone)


Eventually, there may be a tutorial of how to put this app on your mobile Apple devices.