Congrats Jack, Now Get Back to Work

Welcome aboard! If you're watching this....erm, reading this article, then let me be the first to say, "Congratulations!" You've recently been hired by That Dave N Clay Show and this is your first official editing help page!

You: "Can I edit some pages now?"

This graph ahem GRAPH

Four's a start.

Oh, no. You've got a lot to learn before you're ready to make a good article. As you can see by the number of subscribers we've had in the last year, you are now employed on the team of one of the most successful shows in the entire United States. But, it didn't get that way over night, because we only film during the day.

No, the story of That Dave N Clay Show is a story of one man's apathy, two other men's hard work, perseverance, determination, and sweat, but mostly their sweat.

From Humble BeginningsEdit

You may think Clay R. Bodnar and David A. Wovchko, owners, lead actors, and producers of That Dave N Clay Show, have always been the filmmaking geniuses they are today. And you're right! After the war, and making really sucky YouTube videos, the two stayed secluded in a deep depression that seems endless, but then their luck changed when an amateur film producer came to them with fantastic plans for a brighter future. And, with a few minor alterations, That Dave N Clay Show was born. Then, after several conflicts and Alex suggesting an abortion for the new baby, Dave and Clay knew Alex was not their man.

Sounds like a lot of...