Facebook is a social networking website where anyone over the age of 13 can connect with other people and inform people of their interests, activity, and work. On Facebook, users can send each other messages, upload photos, write notes, and post bulletins on their pages
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(named walls) and comment on other their own and others' posts.


Facebook was first created by Mark Zuckerberg while attending Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 4, 2004 naming it The website, when first created allowed membership only from other Harvard students. Within one month of its creation, nearly half of the entire student body had applied for accounts on Zuckerberg's site. In March of 2004, thefacebook was opened to other universities, including Stanford, Columbia and Yale . Eventually, thefacebook opened to more and more schooling areas, expanding to most Universities in Canada and the United States. This became Facebook Inc. in the summer of 2004. and in June of 2004, Facebook moved its headquarters to Palo Alto in California. After purchasing the domain name in 2005, "the" was removed from Facebook's name.

Facebook expanded membership eligibility to employees of several companies, not just students, including computer software companies like Apple and Microsoft. By September 2005, "the next step" made high school students eligible for Facebook accounts. On September 26, 2006, Facebook was open to anyone over the age of 13 with an email address. This meant any person in any country and continent would be eligible to join Facebook. Currently, Facebook is the most-used social networking website on the planet.

That Dave 'n Clay Show

Facebook has been used by the cast and crew of That Dave 'n Clay Show since 2008. Alex was first of the cast to have a Facebook. He created his on [Date], when he was working on JSVH. Dave was second to create a Facebook, made on February 9, 2010. Clay was force-created a Facebook by Alex on [Date], after failing to make one after being asked by Dave and Alex numerous times.


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Clay's Facebook: Clay Bodnar