Jeffery Stephan or Jeff was the host of The Jeffery Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar.

Early Filming Career Edit

Little is known about Jeffrey Stephan's earliest filming carrer. However, his dad is friends with many movie producers. Somewhere in there, he was featured in a commercial and a movie.

Webshow CarrerEdit

Alex came up with a concept of a webshow to be filmed in the the Greater Production Area Alex knew that Jeff had some acting talent. So, together the created The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar. However, Clay did not agree to this until about a week after they came up with the idea. However, the webshow failed in December of 2009.

After announcing his resignation, Jeff later joined up with Blaze in his new show, "BS With Jeff and Blaze" this show has not been officially announced. As for a date, neitherr a timetable, nor anything else have been announced. This show has absolutely nothing to do with That Dave n' Clay Show. To find out more, visit their site,