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Clay Bodnar or Clay is a co-host of That Dave n' Clay Show. He is currently 13 years old.

Pre-Video Career

Clay is no stranger to acting. Clay has been in musicals, and has helped elsewhere. Clay is known to friends as a comedian. His strange brand of comedy suited him well when producer Alexander Popichak Approached him for a role in the upcoming webshow, The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar.

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Clayland is an area of land somewhere near a body of water. Clayland became an officialy independent republic in the year 2009 after 20 years of conflict with the U.N. The country itself is actually located on an island in the western Baltic Sea that is about 400m. in diameter. In the 1980's it was backed by the Soviet Union and Red china to fend off the U.N. backed people of Jeffland who were defeated in 2009 and driven off the island permanently. It's leader Clay Bodnar has been ruler for 30 years after a series of very fair elections. It is also a member of the IAOSN {the International Alliance of Small Nations} which also contains the nation of Sea Land.

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