There is word between the cast and crew of the show that the first season may start off with a movie.


On Sunday, April 11, 2010, Alex and Dave talked via telephone about what they had planned for the show. Alex said what they had previously filmed for pilot was nearly worthless, and that possibly, the show could start off with a movie. This way he and Clay could let off many of their ideas. Dave thought this was a fantastic idea, and told Alex of his ideas Dave had before for a trailer for such a movie.


Dave has several ideas for a movie preview. This is what Dave has envisioned for a trailer:

The preview would start showing Dave sitting at a desk, in front of a dark background. Dave would be wearing glasses and a semi-dark shirt. This first part would be in black and white. Dave would face the camera and start to speak, "You see, when I was in my very early video-making "career", back in...2008, I had an idea for something I called the DAVTRiX." As Dave finished his line, the screen would fade to black. Then, after three seconds of silence, the first scene of "the DAVTRIX" would begin to play. This would show Dave's feet walking in rhythm as Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees played. The camera would slowly zoom out for five or six seconds, and then the frame it was as would stop. Following this, the picture would fade to black, and Dave would continue speaking. "But, that is a thing of the past." Dave would say, "Now, two and a half years later..." As Dave finished speaking, a video of Dave walking to the rhythm would fade to focus, and Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder would play. This clip, although, would have better video quality and possibly better lighting. From there, several clips from the movie would flash. From here, Dave has not given a great amount of thought about what should follow.