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Clay Bodnar or Clay is a co-host of That Dave n' Clay Show. He is currently 13 years old.

Pre-Video Career

Clay is no stranger to acting. Clay has been in musicals, and has helped elsewhere. Clay is known to friends as a comedian. His strange brand of comedy suited him well when producer Alexander Popichak Approached him for a role in the upcoming webshow, The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar.

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A Note From the Director's Office

Hello, I am David Wovchko. The Pilot episode, originally thought to be aired in April 2010 has still not arrived, an entire month later. This is to tell the reason why such a delay has occurred.

We have attempted to film more than three times. Some of this video can be seen in our Gallery, and in a video uploaded by Alex. Although the footage is good, little of the footage is very usable. In conclusion, one of the elements that have hindered us from production is lack of footage. Under this topic, I could explain the reasons why we have little usable footage, and why we have not prepared a good date to film, but I will spare you readers the details.

Another factor, and the main reason, is the following. For the show, Alex, Clay and I agreed to take turns in creating (writing) the episodes. For the first episode, Pilot, we originally agreed for Alex to write the first episode. Although, by the third film date last month, Alex came to the conclusion he could not handle the stress, and wanted to give up the show altogether. A few days later, I convinced Alex that for the sake of all our work to make the show, the show should still be something we work on, & Clay and I could create Pilot. This way, the show will stay, Alex will feel less pressure, I can let go of some of my ideas, and our work will be for something.

This is why there is such a delay. Thank you, and keep on the lookout for Pilot.

Just Keepin' Ya Posted!

David "Dave" Wovchko

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