That OTHER Pilot Episode
Season One, Episode Two
First Aired TBA
Writer(s) Alexander Popichak and David Wovchko
Director(s) Alexander Popichak
Episode Guide
"Pilot Episode"
That Other Pilot Episode is a Dave 'n Clay Show episode as a part of Season One, Episode #2.

Origin of EpisodeEdit

After Clay fails to realize that the Pilot Episode was really an experimental episode, the two decide to re-try their pilot episode.


The following are Alex's ideas about how That OTHER Pilot Episode should go.

The episode starts off with the monologue, with Dave and Clay reporting things such as:

  • The Pilot Episode's Views
  • The Views of the website
  • Community Members
  • and Guest Stars of the show

The show will then plunge into the intro, as it did in the original pilot episode. After the intro, the two will do the various skits/experiments. Possible Guest stars include a few of Dave's friends.