The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar was an American webshow starring Clay Bodnar and Jeffrey Stephan.
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Alex Popichak approached Jeff Stephan about starting a webshow [timeframe needed.] Jeff gladly accepted the offer, and decided that they needed a co-host. Clay Bodnar took the job, and the show aired on October 10th, 2009 with a pilot episode. The show started with an odd skit, "Honk If You've Seen My Show." This included Jeff and Clay going up and down a busy street, trying to get people to honk if they have seen their show. This show hadn't premiered yet.

In its debut, the show had over 100 views and the website had close to 200. This success was short-lived. Their creative abilities allowed three great episodes, before the show drew to a close.


Please Note: This has NOTHING to do with the opinion of any current staff of That DnC Show or its properties, respectively.

According to an Easysites Multimedia official user of the video-sharing website YouTube, there is going to be a second season of the The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar, under the name "JSVH Video Project 2010." In an interview released in late June, their producer announced that the show was coming back with for a second season. "As for a cast, that is in discussion with our staff." He later told about a possible new website and more fan interaction.


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