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That Dave 'n Clay Show
Directed by
Produced by That Dave N Clay Crew
Written by David Wovchko

Clay Bodnar

Narrated by
Starring Dave


Music Assorted artists see The Soundtrack for more
Editing David Wovchko (YouTube)
Release date(s) TBA
Running time Approx. 15 minutes
Country United States
MPAA Rating
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That Dave 'n Clay Show is an idea for a series of webisodes to be released in the near future, produced by the two alongside their friend Natalie, & edited/arranged by Dave.


The series will star David "Dave" Wovchko and Clay Bodnar, and written by the duo also. In the show, the cast will perform experiments, give viewers tips and tricks, and do short skits in-between. The Soundtrack will consist of upbeat music. The show will be written collectively by the two, as apposed to in "shifts" as perviously planned in Spring 2010. The show will be recorded in the Greater Production Area and should last mostly year-round.

Production Date

That Dave 'n Clay Show was first planned to air in April 2010 with the first episode named "Pilot." Much footage had been collected, but little of the footage was usable. Because of the resignation of the former producer, the show has been put "on hold". More footage has just recently been taken (in August 2010) and more is planned to be collected. It is most probable that Pilot will be released several weeks after have been completed.


The show is to be recorded using a Flip Video camera. It is a white second generation Flip Ultra camera. The show is to be posted on [ YouTube. For David's version, he will edit using iMovie (8.0.6) on an Apple iMac (Version 10.5.8). The cast will use a tripod, (which is Dave's) to help stabilize the footage.


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