The Wiki of That Dave 'n Clay Show is the site you are currently on right now. This is a sub-site of This wiki has 57 articles.


The Wiki's main purpose is to inform the fans or watchers of the show. The wiki also serves as a way for fans to find out about the actors, the producers and behind-the-scenes crew, other projects by the actors, and future episodes.


The Wiki was created by Dave on February 6, 2010, naming it That Dave n' Clay Show Wiki instead of the apostrophe on the right of the n as in That Dave n Clay Show Wiki. The first article created (other than the Main Page) was The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour with Clay Bodnar, created by Dave on the same day, Feb. 6. The first image uploaded being a past version of the wiki's logo.

Alex was informed of the wiki by Dave the next day, February 7. His first edit was the Favicon (What's a Favicon?) for the wiki, his second was creating the page Easysites Multimedia Productions (this page no longer exists). Clay was informed of the wiki several days later, but did not make any contributions until February 14. His first contribution was creating the page Clayland.

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On March 25, 2010, the article "Dave" was spammed by an named by an unregistered user, a Jesse Pigoni (who went by for this reason, many of the articles on the wiki were put under protection, so only administrators (Dave, Alex, Clay and Natalie) could edit them, to prevent spammers from ruining articles. Although, five days later, on March 30, the same IP had spammed the articles KP and You, which had not been protected. Because of this, more than 2/3 of the articles on the wiki had been protected.


Currently, the user with the most edits is Dave with more than one thousand, two hundred and fifteen contributions. Second is Alex with more than 350 edits. Clay is third with more than 75 edits. Natalie, a newer user is in last place, with a total of less than 25 edits. The wiki overall has been edited over 1,500 times, and has 57 articles and 79 files.

New LookEdit changed their format on October 20, 2010. The classic monaco would be available until November 3rd, after which, the new look would become standard.
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Standard Article Screenshot, taken October 22

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